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ET Mapping Section
Note: These tutorials where copied from here, I will add some topics myself later but I want to give full credit to 2Bit and the TibeT clan!
This tutorial has been set up to help would-be mappers looking for a step-by-step guide from the beginning. It assumes the reader has no idea how to use GtkRadiant and knows nothing about scripting and the like.

These pages were originally created for members of the TibeT clan and regular players on the TibeT servers, but anyone finding this tutorial is welcome to use it :)

I don't claim to know everything about mapping but I've learnt enough from various sources to be able to make maps of reasonable complexity. I've had a number of people asking various mapping questions and I thought it was a better idea to explain it all once to anyone interested. The tutorial is incomplete but I continue to add pages as I get the time.

Be aware that the subject is very large so there's a lot to explain; and that to make a decent fair-sized map can easily take over 200 hours, so with this as a hobby you need a lot of patience and spare time, but at least the tools to do the job are free. The best maps out there might have taken their authors 18 months to create, depending on how much free time they had.

Disclaimer: I may be wrong in my understanding of any aspect of the subject, but hey, I'm doing my best :)
To get from knowing nothing about mapping to being able to run around in your own first little map, follow these introductory topics in order from start to finish.