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Prefab: WWII Tanks
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WWII Tanks

author - ken 'kat' beyer
rel' date - May 09
name - Misc WWII tanks & vehicles
pk3 file -

A set of low poly ASE models with texture maps. Includes, wireframe map guides and AO bake maps for diffuse texture use.

Textures are 512x512 or smaller. These models were originally intended to be used as middle distance+ objects so wheel and tracks are simple solid shapes. However, using alpha transparency will allow the appearence of tracks and running gear where necessary. Includes;

- British Universal (Bren Gun) Carrier
- British Cromwell
- British Churchill
- German Panzer II
- USA (Allied) M5A1

Changing the texture used on the model/s
The files are ASE models, (which is a text based format) so the texture/shader path can easily be edited using notepad you don't need to use any 3D software, just open a file into notepad, find the texture path references & edit those to 'point' to your folders / textures / shaders, re-save to a location of your choice and then load ready textured into Radiant.

//barge with no markings
models\mapobjects\[model-folder]\[texture name]

qer_editorimage models\mapobjects\[model-folder]\[texture-name].tga
// q3map_shadeangle 79 //OPTIONAL*
// q3map_clipmodel //OPTIONAL

map $lightmap
rgbGen identity

map models\mapobjects\[model-folder]\[texture-name].tga
rgbGen identity


* note: using q3map_shadeangle on models that have specific smoothing groups can have some undesirable effects, esp on more 'organically' shaped objects, so this is commented out by default for this shader.

If you want to use 'auto clipping' on the models instead of applying manual Playerclipping in Radiant you'll need to ammend the included shader or write your own; see below for an example of a 'basic' shader.

warning: be warned that if you use auto clipping extensively you'll be generating a colossal amount of extra brush faces that count towards the total brushcount limit in Q3 engined games... watch out for max_map_ errors.

various 360 (Bren Carrier) - 670 (Panzerk II)