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Minimod: Halloween-Mod
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Halloween-lite minimod

My first official minimod.
This mod will change many things in the ET game and a few in ETPro to get in the halloween spirit.
It will change sounds, models, textures etc etc. it will NOT (this is lite version) add new quickchat voices.
Now the war is not allies vs axis anymore, it's reapers vs pumpkins.

Installation is easy just put it in your etpro or etmain folder and start up ET.
For the server admins out there. putting this mod in the etmain folder will disable the changes made to ETPro (4 sounds are different)
Putting this file in the ETPro folder will be perfect.
Uninstall works the same as installing, remove the w-halloween.pk3 file and you're done.

Made by Way2Evil a.k.a. Panther

Why the heck did I made this file?

Simple, I just love Halloween, maybe it's because it's also my birthday =P


1. This is just a fun mod, there may be some strange looking things in here. (deadline on halloween and no time to perfect everything)
2. It's still a rather big file. (even though it's the lite version normal version is 60MB) =O
sry about the size but I'm an artist and make what I think is right not really paying attention to such details.
3. I got some of my material from everywhere, hope nobody minds, thnx for letting me using it =D (I don't remember where I got it all)
4. Thnx to everybody who helped testing this mod and motivate me to go on. (Baracuda, Wolf, Aligator & more)

Hope everybody likes it.

Greetz Way2Evil a.k.a. Panther