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Minimod: G&B Coltskin
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---------- Mod Info ----------

This mod changes black colt skins to gray... It fixes the model too, so it's a little more realistic.
You must see the screenshots!


------ Install/Unistall -------

To install this mod, just put the z&z_G&B-colt.pk3 file in your et/etmain folder.

Example1 = C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain
Example2 = D:\Games\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain

To unistall the mod, just remove the file.


------- How does it work ------

This mod and like ALL other mods only work in UNPURE servers.
If you whant to test it out, create your own lan server.


-------- Contact Info --------

Name: Miguel Nunes
MSN Messenger:
Game Nick: > > NightSky.

Note: No support will be given by email... Support allways starts at my forums that can be finded at my webpage. (See link above)
FeedBack too =P